FO: Farmer’s Market Hat

Why hello there (wink, wink)

Ok, that was kinda creepy.

Well I have an FO for you!

IMG_1562Woah, gettin’ sassy here in my hand knits.

I do knit things other than socks, shocker! I was thinking about knitting a hat for this friggin’ cold “summer” that we have been subject to the past month in NB but wool seemed like a bad idea, even though I am a hardcore wool girl. I had been eying up all of Tin Can Knits patterns because they are awesome and totes my jam when I came across Stovetop which was literally a hat I had in my mind and was going to start designing but they did it for me, bonus! It was just what I was after, a little slouchy and a lot of texture. As those of you who follow me on instagram will know ( do it up here!) I cast this bad boy on and knit it in one day while I became addicted to Homeland on Netflix.


I really just needed a hat for early mornings and bad hair times, case and point me when I go the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.


Yum. Texture.


I know what you’re thinking, “What is she looking at?” And also “POMPOM!”


She’s lookin’ at this. Beauty.

The Deets

Yarn: Berroco Remix in Birch (how fitting)

Pattern: Stovetop by Tin Can Knits

Needles: 4mm fixed 16″ Addi and 5mm 16″ Addi Lace Clicks

On Rav: Farmer’s Market

I’m pleased with it, the yarn is nice and a really interesting blend. I thought it was a little hard but once I blocked it it was like “Imma get awesome and bloom into soft lush yarness.” I think I will knit another for the fall/winter season out of  a hand dyed superwash like the pattern uses, it would definitely give it the drape needed to sit properly.

I am going to talk about Knit in Public eventually this week, stay tuned.

Good things.



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