FO: Svalbard Cowl

Hiya folks!

I managed to snag a few minutes to get some photos of my newest FO, my 3rd(!) Stockholm Scarf!

IMG_2032I have some experience with this pattern but this was a new yarn/pattern combo for me. The moment the lofty chained Eco Cloud from Cascade came into the store I knew it needed to be knit up into a cowl but I spent a great deal of time waffling about what pattern to use. In the end though the Stockholm Scarf was the winner, I love my other two but they can be tricky for me to wear as one is red and the other is mustard. This one is a gorgeous undyed cream colour which I will be able to wear with all of my coats and jackets some fall and winter.

IMG_2037Its a somewhat unseasonal project but there is something so satisfying about working away on winter accessories all summer and having a vast collection of them once the cool weather finally hits. It actually wasn’t too bad a knit in the summer, although I pretty much worked on it exclusively in air conditioned locales. I think I will be adding a few more pieces to my fall knits wardrobe, I definitely need a few more pairs of mitts!

IMG_2035I wet blocked this cowl and was shocked to see how dirty the water was, especially as the yarn itself is cream. A friend of mine blocked a cowl in the same yarn a couple days before me and said the same thing, very strange. The yarn bloomed nicely although I did pop it in the dryer on the lowest setting for two 5 minute intervals to full it just a little bit and I am happy that I did.


I love the reversible stitch pattern on this cowl, that was what really sold me on it the first time I knit it. So many cowl patterns only look good one way which kind of bugs me, I like how I can just toss this one on and it looks good regardless of how its sitting.

IMG_2027I’m really happy with how it came out, classic and cozy. The perfect winter accessory.

IMG_2036I did match my lipstick to my pants because they are AWESOME. So are my sequined toms, I love them so much!

The Deets

Pattern: Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC

Yarn: Cascade Eco Cloud in Cream, 3 skeins

Needles: 6mm 32″ Knitters Pride, Wooden tips

On Rav: Svalbard

Mods: Knit in the round by casting on 252 stitches, worked 19 pattern repeats total and a sewn bind-off to match the long-tail cast-on

The name of this project comes from a real life island in the arctic that comes up in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (possibly the greatest trilogy ever written) which is where the Panserbjorne (aka armoured bears) live including Iorek Byrnison. This would be the ideal accessory for wearing there I think, along with lots of furs of course!

I’m busy working on a bunch of projects which will all make their way here in due course. This summer has been surprisingly busy, although I did manage to sneak out off to go see Despicable Me 2 at last and I just have to say props to the animators and their work on all the knit items! In one scene a minion has on a yarn wig and when you see the close up it looks like it is made of I-cord, how sweet is that! I also kind of want to make a scarf like Gru’s for the fall, we shall see…

Have an great August long weekend!



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