FO: Something Beautiful Shawl

Good day knitters! I think I have at last got my mojo back! Woohoo!

IMG_2076Another shawl knit, blocked and ready to wear! I am kind of in love with this one, not gonna lie. Its all down to a combination of factors that make it so awesome.


The first being the yarn, Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, the last of my haul from their trunk show a few months back. Not only is the feel of the yarn lovely but as often is the case with Indigodragonfly the real clincher is the name, “Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer”. Being myself a dancer whose favourite Elton John song is “Tiny Dancer” I was sold, I didn’t need talking into by my fellow knitters to be convinced that this needed to join my stash. I love the colour, its a rich raspberry tone, more of a blue red that leans to the pink side which actually looks really good on my face unlike orange reds.

IMG_2060The other thing that makes this shawl such a winner is the pattern, I loved knitting it! Its knit from one corner to the other and you weigh your yarn before you begin so you can ensure you make the most of your skein by using exactly half on the increase section and the other half on the decrease section, so clever. This also means that the shape of the shawl is much longer and narrower than those knit from the top down making for one of the most wearable shawls I have ever knit. The other awesome thing is that there is no big long fancy bind-off to get such a pretty edge, you knit it as you go so when you get to the end you are casting off only a handful of stitches, genius!

IMG_2071I love shawls with a stockinette body and a lace edge, I find them much more wearable in large part because they are quite simple warmer than fully lace shawls. I also am much more partial to more graphic lace, I think the pretty frilly stuff is gorgeous, but it just really isn’t my jam.

IMG_2061Love, love, love.


The Deets

Pattern: Renita by Corina Ferguson (I want to try more of her patterns now, although I might just make this one again…)

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in colourway Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer

Needles: 3.75mm Addi Lace Clicks, 32″ cord

On Rav: Something Beautiful

Mods: The pattern is knit in sport weight but I used fingering weight which was no problem at all as you simply have to adjust your needle size and the weigh your yarn as you go, I did 17 pattern repeats before I began the decrease section of the shawl.

I had a fantastic long weekend, I got a good chunk of knitting done on another shawl for a kal we are having at my lys which is super awesome, I will post more about that this week. I also got to do things like spend time with friends, drink Strongbow, bake scones, watch Broadchurch (sooooo good!), sleep in, drink inappropriate amounts of tea, make jam and watch videos of the Grade 1 and 2 MSRs and Medleys from the North American Pipeband Championships. Overall pretty darn awesome.




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