FO: TARDIS Mittens

Holla knittas!

At long last I have an FO for you!

While it may at long last be March, it is still absolutely frigid here and so I am very pleased to have finished my TARDIS mittens!


Eeeek! Aren’t they kind of amazing? I am super pleased with how they came out. I love colour work and something as simple as this is an absolute pleasure to knit, keeping you interested in what is going on without being overly complicated or frustrating. They also don’t have any crazy long floats which makes me a very happy knitter!


The pattern from Spilly Jane was easy to follow and well-written, definitely a thumbs-up from me! I have been eyeing up a couple other patterns from her and I think I will be giving them a go after the success that this one was.  Because you can never have too many pairs of mittens right?


I used Louet Gems Fingering Weight for these babies and I was very pleased with how the yarn worked out. The yarn is sold in 50g skeins which is great if you want to do colourwork without being stuck with excessive quantities of left overs. The stitch definition was great and I took Jane’s advice and nerve wracking as it was used an iron and a damp press cloth to block them which worked fantastically. Normally just the thought of an iron around my knits sends me spare but I took the chance and it payed off, everything evened out nicely and I am happy with the finished product.


Love, love, love.

The Deets

Pattern: Police Box Mittens by Spilly Jane

Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering Weight in Cream and Navy

Needles: 2.5mm Brittany Birch 5″ dpns


Mods: I chose to work the ribbing on the cuff slightly longer and decided to use navy (my contrast colour) for the thumb rather than cream (my background colour) as suggested in the pattern. If I were to knit them again I would probably insert the thumb earlier, perhaps around row 26/7 as opposed to row 30 just to fit my hand a little better.

I have a decent amount of yarn left over, I used just over half a skein of each colour so I’m thinking an awesome stripey Raituli hat might be in order to use up my extras!

Mondays might not be the best day, but these mittens are certainly improving mine so far! See you later this week with some more knits!



Same Old Story. Busy, busy, busy.

Holla there knittas,

I’ve had a busy few weeks around here with school, work and many other fun things on the go. I have been getting some knitting done though! I think I’ve finally made it over the burn-out I was feeling following my crazy Christmas knit-a-thon. Not only has my knitting time been relatively productive but I have also been working my way through my stash.

My stash isn’t terribly large or anything, but on occasion it causes me some anxiety to look at all the potential projects sitting on my shelf and wonder if I will ever make it through the yards and yards of pretty string hanging out there… So I have made it my mission to begin working it down. Here is the start! (I’ll have some FO posts soon, I just have to get around to photographing them!).

DSCN1637First up sock #1 from a pair of wee anklets. For these I’ve chosen to do a simple 1×1 rib for the cuff and a 3×1 rib for the top of the foot along with my usual heel and toe combination. The yarn is a little something I picked up at Romni Wools on a trip to Toronto in January, its Shibui Knits Sock in Spectrum. I love the bright fun colours, they kind of remind me of candy. The yarn is a 100% superwash merino and is lovely and springy, I’ll be curious to see how it wears. As it comes in 50g skeins and I have fairly small feet, a single skein is enough for a pair of anklets which is fantastic if you’ve put yourself on a yarn budget!

DSCN1643The colours have pooled a bit on the instep but I’m curious to see what will happen now that I’m through the gusset decreases and onto the main body of the sock. I originally thought that wool ankle socks were a completely ridiculous idea, but I have knit one pair so far and find them surprisingly practical! They are especially great if like me you often wear skinny jeans or leggings and want something that won’t pool around your ankles (or that you won’t have to put on before your pants!).

DSCN1659This second WIP was impossible to photograph. The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in Mazz which I frogged from a hat project and am now knitting a pair of Cookie A’s tried-and-true Monkey socks instead. The colour is incredibly bright and I absolutely adore it, especially as I feel you don’t often see obnoxiously bright cashmere yarns. My only mod so far is to not include any purls in the lace pattern. I have knit the original version which is all fine and dandy, but to be honest I was just not in the mood for purling so I didn’t bother. I’m pleased with how they are coming out so far and they will be so lovely and cozy once they are finished!

Clearly I have been on a sock kick, but if we are to be realistic here I ALWAYS have a pair of socks on my needles. Ever since I did the classic “pair-of-socks-a-month” challenge back in 2011 I have been a bit of sock fiend, in large part because they are something I can knit in my sleep. Ok, I may have actually fallen asleep while knitting socks before… let me just say that metal dpns do carry a certain amount of danger in their pointy tips. But onto other things!


This here folks is a second mitten, but not just any mitten, nay, it is a TARDIS mitten. I have long admired Spilly Jane’s patterns and when I saw the pattern for these beauties I queued them instantly. Since Christmas has passed I have promised myself some selfish knitting and these were at the top of the list. I love knitting fair isle projects and with only two colours and a bold and intuitive graphic these babies have been knitting up quick! I knit all but the thumb of the first one during a Downton marathon one Sunday.
DSCN1670I’m using Gems fingering for these and I am really impressed with how it is working up, it has great stitch definition and a really nice twist on the yarn is making these a lovely little project. I chose to go with white as my background instead of the sample’s grey and I’m very happy I made that choice, the contrast really makes the TARDISs (not sure what the correct plural is here since it is an acronym, TARDI? TARDISes?) pop. I am stoked to get this one done and wear them out and about!

DSCN1663Lastly, I have a controversial little WIP, not for a bad reason but more for the extreme simplicity of it. The pattern is Mira’s Cowl and the yarn is some Hand Maiden Mini Maiden which I picked up for a steal on sale. The colour is even more beautiful in person, rich and full of depth with a gorgeous sheen from the silk. It is working up beautifully soft and airy on 4.5mm needles and will be fantastic if the weather ever decides to warm up around here.

Now to be honest, besides plain socks, I don’t particularly enjoy plain knits. While I think they look beautiful, when I find myself working on something that it dull to knit I do consider strangling myself with it after a while (or I just moan about it to everyone at knit night so they want to strangle me). But I will tough this one out and just keep it around for store knitting/movie knitting etc. so don’t expect to see an FO anytime soon.

And now a peek at the stash that will soon become beautiful FOs! A girl can dream right?



It seems I’m digging blues and purples lately (how did that red sneak in?) and I also have a bad habit of buying new yarn and getting overly excited and winding it right away. Bad Lily. I should know better, I tell people off for doing this all the time. Anyway, the general plan is to work through what has been wound the longest, it is mainly sock weight but much of it isn’t really suitable for socks so I will have to get creative and branch out. Woot!

Alright, I am off to finish the rest of these projects so I can get crack-a-lakin’ on all this stash busting jazz.

Have an awesomely awesome day!


New Year, New Pattern!

Happy Hogmanay knitters!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know I certainly enjoyed the few days I had to relax and escape the stress of the real world. I knit many gifts this year, a bunch of them I posted on my rav page if you want to check them out (some still need photos, oops!) and they were all quite well received. Now its time for a bit of selfish knitting! Well not entirely, but more on my other projects later this week…

I kind of disappeared from the interwebs around August and I hope to make up for that now, school and rehab from my injury along with working and a multitude of other things were keeping me from sitting down to blog. I hope that now I will have the time to do so on more of a regular basis.

So, in honour of a new year I have for you a new pattern!

IMG_1737I took the time over the summer to write up the pattern for one of my favourite socks. They’re quite simple but the lace rib is very pretty without being overly fussy or being so lacy that your feet get cold (a major pet peeve of mine when it comes to socks).


This particular pair I knit up in Sweet Fiber Yarn’s Super Sweet Sock which I picked up at The Purple Purl last February (great shop btw, super friendly staff!). I love kelly greens and this one is just so bright and rich, it was love at first sight!


These are knit top-cuff down, my construction method of preference. I find myself most comfortable with this method and after trying out many other constructions I find the fit to be superior.


They are named after a lake near my house, there are a lot of fresh-water clams in the sand there and the eyelets on the socks remind me of the streams of bubbles they send up through the water.


All of these pictures are from the summer, the outside world here is basically unrecognizable at the moment. We recived about a foot of snow last night!

You can download the pattern here through Rav and I am working on adding a patterns tab on my blog here, there are more patterns to come!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, hope doesn’t harsh your mellow too hard!


Recent Acquisitions

Hello and happy Friday!

Some new yarny goodness made it into my stash this week and I just have to share it!


First up is this Misti Alpaca Handpaint sock in Reaggeton which is amazeballs. I love it. I actually knit a pair of socks in this exact colour but there was an unfortunate felting incident and they are no more. This time I am thinking I will knit a pair of mitts so I can show off its awesomeness! I’ve had Kirju in my faves for a while and I think it would work quite well in this yarn, break up the colours and lend some additional warmth with that slipped stitch pattern.


Next up is this beauty from SweetGeorgia, Cashluxe Fine in Rosebud, probably the most amazing pink EVER. I’m normally not a huge pink girl (unless its hot pink pants!) but I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it, it has such a depth to it that really shows in the cashmere base. I’m thinking a hat in this one because it kind of loves my face, perhaps Sweet Little Nothing, a little girlier than what I would normally go for but I like it. Sometimes pretty and delicate is good.


Some Sweet Georgia Superwash DK in Boheme (can you tell we got a new order in at my lys?). I love this colourway, like strawberries and chocolate. And the name also makes me think of figure skater Patrick Chan (his 2012/2013 FS was to La Boheme, I’m a figure skating junkie fyi). I love how punchy and rich this colour is and you seriously can’t go wrong with some handdyed dk. I think this will probably be mitts too, just simple ones and I think I’ll knit a liner in some alpaca merino for extra tostiness.


This colour is lovely, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Stormchaser. I normally HATE with a passion variegated yarns that contain white, I can’t even rationalize it, I just despise them. But this one is different. The white really seems to fit in nicely with the blue and grey tones in a very pleasing way. I’m pretty sure this will become socks because I always need a pari of socks on the needles. I’m thinking maybe Hermione’s Everyday Socks which will add some texture without distracting from the beauty of the yarn.

I have actually never knit with Sweet Georgia and I am really stoked to dive in but first I need to finish this beast:


This is a close-up of my Pendulum Shawl that I cast-on last Friday in some beautiful red and turquoise yarn from my fave local dyer Zenitude! At the ol’ lys we’re doing a knit-a-long of this shawl and its so cool to see all the colour combinations that people are choosing, I love both of these colours but I didn’t really think of putting them together until the knit night ladies suggested it and I adore it. Its so punchy and graphic, totally my kind of thing. I’m on the last section of it now and boy do those rows get long! The short rows and stripes keep the garter stitch from getting too dull but I am actually scared to count the number of stitches on my needles right now. Once this is done I have the foot of a sock to finish and then I can dive into my new goodies. These past few days there has been a fallish nip in the air and I’m starting to feel the need to knit a sweater, Storm Mountain is really calling my name.

Have an amazing weekend!


FO: Something Beautiful Shawl

Good day knitters! I think I have at last got my mojo back! Woohoo!

IMG_2076Another shawl knit, blocked and ready to wear! I am kind of in love with this one, not gonna lie. Its all down to a combination of factors that make it so awesome.


The first being the yarn, Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, the last of my haul from their trunk show a few months back. Not only is the feel of the yarn lovely but as often is the case with Indigodragonfly the real clincher is the name, “Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer”. Being myself a dancer whose favourite Elton John song is “Tiny Dancer” I was sold, I didn’t need talking into by my fellow knitters to be convinced that this needed to join my stash. I love the colour, its a rich raspberry tone, more of a blue red that leans to the pink side which actually looks really good on my face unlike orange reds.

IMG_2060The other thing that makes this shawl such a winner is the pattern, I loved knitting it! Its knit from one corner to the other and you weigh your yarn before you begin so you can ensure you make the most of your skein by using exactly half on the increase section and the other half on the decrease section, so clever. This also means that the shape of the shawl is much longer and narrower than those knit from the top down making for one of the most wearable shawls I have ever knit. The other awesome thing is that there is no big long fancy bind-off to get such a pretty edge, you knit it as you go so when you get to the end you are casting off only a handful of stitches, genius!

IMG_2071I love shawls with a stockinette body and a lace edge, I find them much more wearable in large part because they are quite simple warmer than fully lace shawls. I also am much more partial to more graphic lace, I think the pretty frilly stuff is gorgeous, but it just really isn’t my jam.

IMG_2061Love, love, love.


The Deets

Pattern: Renita by Corina Ferguson (I want to try more of her patterns now, although I might just make this one again…)

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in colourway Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer

Needles: 3.75mm Addi Lace Clicks, 32″ cord

On Rav: Something Beautiful

Mods: The pattern is knit in sport weight but I used fingering weight which was no problem at all as you simply have to adjust your needle size and the weigh your yarn as you go, I did 17 pattern repeats before I began the decrease section of the shawl.

I had a fantastic long weekend, I got a good chunk of knitting done on another shawl for a kal we are having at my lys which is super awesome, I will post more about that this week. I also got to do things like spend time with friends, drink Strongbow, bake scones, watch Broadchurch (sooooo good!), sleep in, drink inappropriate amounts of tea, make jam and watch videos of the Grade 1 and 2 MSRs and Medleys from the North American Pipeband Championships. Overall pretty darn awesome.



FO: Svalbard Cowl

Hiya folks!

I managed to snag a few minutes to get some photos of my newest FO, my 3rd(!) Stockholm Scarf!

IMG_2032I have some experience with this pattern but this was a new yarn/pattern combo for me. The moment the lofty chained Eco Cloud from Cascade came into the store I knew it needed to be knit up into a cowl but I spent a great deal of time waffling about what pattern to use. In the end though the Stockholm Scarf was the winner, I love my other two but they can be tricky for me to wear as one is red and the other is mustard. This one is a gorgeous undyed cream colour which I will be able to wear with all of my coats and jackets some fall and winter.

IMG_2037Its a somewhat unseasonal project but there is something so satisfying about working away on winter accessories all summer and having a vast collection of them once the cool weather finally hits. It actually wasn’t too bad a knit in the summer, although I pretty much worked on it exclusively in air conditioned locales. I think I will be adding a few more pieces to my fall knits wardrobe, I definitely need a few more pairs of mitts!

IMG_2035I wet blocked this cowl and was shocked to see how dirty the water was, especially as the yarn itself is cream. A friend of mine blocked a cowl in the same yarn a couple days before me and said the same thing, very strange. The yarn bloomed nicely although I did pop it in the dryer on the lowest setting for two 5 minute intervals to full it just a little bit and I am happy that I did.


I love the reversible stitch pattern on this cowl, that was what really sold me on it the first time I knit it. So many cowl patterns only look good one way which kind of bugs me, I like how I can just toss this one on and it looks good regardless of how its sitting.

IMG_2027I’m really happy with how it came out, classic and cozy. The perfect winter accessory.

IMG_2036I did match my lipstick to my pants because they are AWESOME. So are my sequined toms, I love them so much!

The Deets

Pattern: Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC

Yarn: Cascade Eco Cloud in Cream, 3 skeins

Needles: 6mm 32″ Knitters Pride, Wooden tips

On Rav: Svalbard

Mods: Knit in the round by casting on 252 stitches, worked 19 pattern repeats total and a sewn bind-off to match the long-tail cast-on

The name of this project comes from a real life island in the arctic that comes up in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (possibly the greatest trilogy ever written) which is where the Panserbjorne (aka armoured bears) live including Iorek Byrnison. This would be the ideal accessory for wearing there I think, along with lots of furs of course!

I’m busy working on a bunch of projects which will all make their way here in due course. This summer has been surprisingly busy, although I did manage to sneak out off to go see Despicable Me 2 at last and I just have to say props to the animators and their work on all the knit items! In one scene a minion has on a yarn wig and when you see the close up it looks like it is made of I-cord, how sweet is that! I also kind of want to make a scarf like Gru’s for the fall, we shall see…

Have an great August long weekend!


FO: the drop in the ocean that broke the dam

Happy Monday knitters!


I have an FO post for you at long last, I finally roped my brother into taking some photos for me. These socks have been finished and blocked for a couple of weeks now, I am being quite delinquent about blogging it would seem, I haven’t even mentioned them around here before. But better late than never! More socks! This time blue ones, mind blowing I know.



I have mixed feelings about “fancy” socks, there’s something to be said for a nice cozy vanilla sock but I can appreciate that knitters, including myself, get bored with rounds and rounds of endless stockinette. While there is a certain relaxing meditative quality to this, sometimes you need something a little more fun to knit. This is where these socks came in, a pattern with some interest and an incredible yarn colour.



The lace on these socks is incredibly intuitive and made for excellent travel knitting in the car. I love the way it flows down the sock like a river with twists and turns that are highlighted by virtue of the semi-solid nature of the yarn (man I am getting oddly romantic about lacy socks…)



I like the fit on these, the lace is fairly stretchy due to its ribbing like nature. They would easily fit people with multiple feet sizes as a result. I was a little skeptical about them pre-blocking but afterwards once everything had settled in they fit really nicely. I also made use of the “ssk improved”, youtube that up, makes for a decrease that sits nicely.



I like the toe on these socks, I usually use my own wide-toe decreases but I decided to give the pattern a chance and try something new which I was quite happy with. I really dislike when the toe of a sock is too long and too narrow, years of dancing mean I have somewhat awkwardly stubby toes which this toe style fit really well.



Overall I really enjoyed knitting these socks. I worked them on wooden 5″ dpns for all of sock 1 and the cuff of sock 2 but in Montreal I picked up some HiyaHiya 6″ stainless dpns which I found made for a much more enjoyable knitting experience. The sharper tip coupled with the fact that they don’t warp in my hands was quite lovely.


The Deets

Pattern: Rushing Tide Socks by Felicia Lo

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Nylon Sock in “You Punched the Highlights Out of Her Hair”

Needles: 2.25 mm 5″ wooden dpns, switching to 2.25mm 6″ stainless dpns

On Rav: the drop in the ocean that broke the dam

I didn’t do any mods and I’m really happy with them which is incredibly rare for me. Solid sock pattern here y’all.

I finished my Stockholm Scarf and its blocking right now but it might take a while to dry 😦 its a rainy day around here so no speed blocking in the sunshine I’m afraid.

Well enjoy your Monday, I intend on being back here again at least once more this week!


ps. the name of this project comes from Down With Webster’s newest single “One in a Million” which is my fave work-out jam at the moment.